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* bump to version 0.3.2v0.3.2Michał Łyszczek2018-11-282-2/+2
* configure.ac: remove mandatory function checksMichał Łyszczek2018-11-251-4/+2
* options: fix g_options altered after el_ocleanupMichał Łyszczek2018-11-252-1/+64
* pkg: add scipts to create packages for various systemsv0.3.1-r10.3.1Michał Łyszczek2018-11-1513-0/+503
* makefile: don't build examples on make allMichał Łyszczek2018-11-152-2/+10
* fix: lib version which was forgotten in 0.3.0v0.3.1Michał Łyszczek2018-05-242-2/+2
* fix: missing el_cleanup in tests causing memory leakv0.3.0Michał Łyszczek2018-05-061-0/+2
* last time minor fixesMichał Łyszczek2018-05-066-18/+39
* little fixes in documentationMichał Łyszczek2018-05-064-7/+72
* run compilation test in parallelMichał Łyszczek2018-05-052-51/+143
* rename test directories to allow parallel testingMichał Łyszczek2018-05-052-29/+29
* fix: binary logs could be enabled without output to fileMichał Łyszczek2018-05-031-24/+58
* bump version to v0.3.0Michał Łyszczek2018-05-036-6/+6
* use unsigned int instead of speed_t to prevent compiler error when termios is...Michał Łyszczek2018-05-033-7/+7
* udpdated documentationMichał Łyszczek2018-04-262-6/+94
* add: couple more EINVAL checks for public functionsMichał Łyszczek2018-04-264-3/+8
* Merge branch 'solaris-build-fix'Michał Łyszczek2018-04-231-0/+2
| * add: search lm library for mathsolaris-build-fixMichał Łyszczek2018-04-231-0/+2
* fix; tests some systems dont support echo -n flagMichał Łyszczek2018-04-231-26/+26
* update readmeMichał Łyszczek2018-04-231-0/+4
* fix: compilation error when using portable snprintfMichał Łyszczek2018-04-231-1/+1
* Merge branch 'nuttx-support'Michał Łyszczek2018-04-2344-553/+3843
| * fix: baudrate for tty example - some systems dont like such high speednuttx-supportMichał Łyszczek2018-04-221-1/+1
| * add config.h to pbinary testMichał Łyszczek2018-04-221-0/+2
| * support automatic reopening of files when frotate is enabledMichał Łyszczek2018-04-222-59/+347
| * don't fail every el_print to file after open() failedMichał Łyszczek2018-04-222-17/+75
| * fix compilation warningsMichał Łyszczek2018-04-212-9/+1
| * fix: embedlog forever fails after writing to non-existing dirMichał Łyszczek2018-04-213-0/+72
| * fix compilation warningsMichał Łyszczek2018-04-206-13/+17
| * change some ifdef to simple ifMichał Łyszczek2018-04-201-5/+5
| * fix: clang analyzer warningMichał Łyszczek2018-04-201-8/+5
| * add: don't *ever* modify in el_perror functions famillyMichał Łyszczek2018-04-192-0/+11
| * fix: broken distcheck after file cleanupMichał Łyszczek2018-04-181-4/+1
| * fix failing test when --disable-timestamp was setMichał Łyszczek2018-04-181-2/+2
| * add new options to test-compilation scriptMichał Łyszczek2018-04-181-1/+5
| * add option to disable fractions of seconds in compile timeMichał Łyszczek2018-04-1815-96/+407
| * add: logging of binary dataMichał Łyszczek2018-04-1731-336/+1703
| * add missing checks for fync and fileno in configureMichał Łyszczek2018-04-161-2/+1
| * add possibility to always sync do disc chosen log levelsMichał Łyszczek2018-04-159-5/+254
| * limited log levels to 8 to save memoryMichał Łyszczek2018-04-156-34/+23
| * add use of stat to check if file existsMichał Łyszczek2018-04-141-3/+28
| * add: alternative algorithm for finding rotate fileMichał Łyszczek2018-04-142-2/+91
| * move checking for access function from stderr to fileMichał Łyszczek2018-04-141-1/+1
| * moved static current_log to el_options structMichał Łyszczek2018-04-142-21/+45
| * change EL_FNAME to more logical EL_FPATHMichał Łyszczek2018-04-148-31/+31
| * packed el_options struct to save even 28bytes on each el_options object!Michał Łyszczek2018-04-132-9/+12
| * fix: broken static analyzer (how did it even work?)Michał Łyszczek2018-04-131-1/+1
| * add: option to *NOT* print new lines with each messageMichał Łyszczek2018-04-136-16/+95
| * add: possibility to remove micro seconds from logMichał Łyszczek2018-04-126-27/+101
| * fix: tests after adding extended colorsMichał Łyszczek2018-04-051-0/+15