mtest - macro test, is a very small unit test framework. Really small, it contains only single header file with macros only. mtest outputs test results in TAP format, so it can be piped to anything (like automake or jenkins) for even nicer output.


Valid C89 compiler with fprintf function implemented. Posix shell for testing from shell.


Just copy mtest.h into your project tree, and include it. It's that easy. You can also call make install so mtest is copied into local machine. Just mind that mtest will become your build dependency, and it's so small, it is usually not necessary. The good thing of calling make install is that, man pages will be installed in your system, so you can have quick overview of the library if you forget anything.


Full documentation (and some more info) is available at mtest.bofc.pl

There are also man pages in man directory.


Because KISS. There are many good frameworks out there for testing, but I missed something really small yet powerfull. This framework does its job well, it is very easy to integrate with tools like Jenkins for test result presentation and it's a proof that unit testing can be very easy to implement.


Example test is in example directory. Also following projects use mtest for testing:

Tests results are integrated with automake make check call.


Licensed under BSD 2-clause license. See LICENSE file for more information.


Michał Łyszczek michal.lyszczek@bofc.pl

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